Wendy Fennell is a mental health counselor in Santa Rosa counseling for depression and anxiety in Sonoma County marriage, relationship and couples counselor in Northern California
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Wendy Fennell, MFT
Sonoma County Marriage & Family Therapist

support groupI enjoy my work as a therapist and believe that people have great capacity to heal. For over 15 years I have been helping men and women cope with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, and low self-esteem. As a counselor, I work collaboratively with my clients to examine behaviors that aren't working and teach new skills that support meaningful personal relationships. I understand that life presents challenges and at times can feel overwhelming and painful. My role is to help people find their abilities and strengths, empowering them to lead richer, fuller lives.

Psychotherapy for Individuals

Each therapeutic journey is unique. I draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches in addressing the mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects of each problem. The duration of counseling varies, based upon the client's issues, situation, and goals. Situational issues can often be addressed in brief therapy sessions, while other clients want long-term, in-depth therapy.
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Couples and Marriage Counseling

Therapy for couples often begins as the result of a crisis situation. I work with individuals in a relationsip to identify issues and causes, improve communication skills, develop alternatives to anger and conflict, and move toward increased openness, understanding, and intimacy.

Support Groups for Men and Women

Group therapy is a passionate area of interest for me. A group provides a valuable setting for real personal connection, bonding, and release from feelings of isolation. Group members enjoy the freedom to take emotional risks and try out new behaviors in a safe and supportive environment. Personal issues tend show up in a natural way, providing a powerful opportunity for learning, healing, and building self-esteem.
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